Through many years of running our own recycling operations and observing the evolution of the industry, CHRC has developed a broad set of knowledge and experiences that came with the inevitable opportunities to learn first-hand what works and what should be avoided. Let our Recycling Solutions team share their expertise and help your organization take the next step.

Waste Audits

Waste Audits provide a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s waste generating activities, the types of material being generated, its collection & handling practices as well as removal options in order to save money and conserve resources. Our team of recycling experts will help your company design an approach that maximizes employee participation and generates new or additional revenue while lowering or eliminating disposal costs. If you are interested in having us perform a waste audit for your business, contact us today.

Consulting Services

If you are looking to start a recycling program or increase the effectiveness of your current recycling assets, Canusa Hershman is eager to share its knowledge, and when necessary, invest its capital to help you develop the best recycling solution for your company. We offer a comprehensive list of consulting services to help ensure your project’s success.

Market Research:

In-depth analysis of the markets your company is eager to explore

  • Demographic/Population Studies
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Service Gaps & Opportunities
  • Barriers to Entry

Financial Analysis:

Detailed financial modeling to assess the viability of the projects you are pursuing

  • Gross Profit & Margin Requirements
  • Labor & CapEx
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Net Income Projections

Facility Design & Planning:

Help designing the right facility with the right equipment that meets your project’s objectives and enables your business to grow

  • Site Selection
  • Facility Design
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Vendor Selection

Project Financing:

Creative solutions for all of your project’s financing needs

  • Equipment Financing & Leasing
  • Direct Investment
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures

Project Management:

Our project team will assist your organization and ensure the timely delivery of your project’s deliverables

  • Project Planning
  • Staffing & Roles
  • Key Tasks & Stakeholders
  • Timelines & Milestones

Construction & Installation:

From permitting to equipment needs and contractor management, our project team will help ensure your project’s smooth delivery

  • Site Development
  • Permitting & Inspections
  • Contractor Selection
  • Equipment & Staffing

Plant Operations:

Canusa Hershman has a proven track record of operating safe, highly productive and profitable recycling facilities

  • Staffing & Hiring
  • Safety Management
  • Work Process Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement