Canusa Hershman is one of the leading exporters of recyclable material from the U.S. With over 40 years of experience developing markets for recyclables throughout Asia and Latin America, CHRC has compiled an extensive list of customers looking for material from North American suppliers. Our team fully understands the complexity and challenges of the export business and we have the experience, staff and processes to seamlessly access global markets for your business.

Proven Performance

What our organization does, and does well, is find markets for our suppliers and our customers wherever those markets and sources may be. As the global trade in recyclables has expanded over the years, Canusa Hershman has expanded with it. Once a significant player in recovered fiber only in North America, our Materials Marketing group, assisted by a world-class logistics team, is active in every major market around the globe.

Proven Experience

Canusa Hershman and our subsidiary Newport CH International are consistently ranked by The Journal of Commerce in the top 10 of all US exporters by container volume, as well as, in the top 3 of recycle commodities shippers. Both companies are CCIC self inspection certified and we manage the international logistics process from booking to LC presentation with in-house professionals through direct carrier relationships. A CHRC logistics employee has an average of 16 years experience in domestic, export, import, compliance and foreign-to-foreign shipping.

Material Bought & Sold

Pulp Substitutes

  • Hard White Shavings and Envelopes
  • Unprinted SBS
  • Paper Plate Stock
  • Soft White Shavings


  • Pre-consumer and Post-consumer White Ledger
  • Sorted Office Waste
  • Coated Book Stock
  • Printed SBS
  • Poly-Coated SBS
  • Aseptic Packaging
  • IGS Shavings

Kraft Grades

  • Double-Lined Kraft Cuttings
  • OCC #12 (Double-Sorted Corrugated)
  • OCC #11
  • Poly-Lined Kraft Bags
  • Steel-Mill Kraft
  • Kraft Carrier Board
  • Saturating Kraft

Mixed Paper

News Grades

  • White News Blank
  • Coated Publication Blanks
  • Magazines
  • Coated Groundwood Sections
  • Over-issue News
  • News #7/8

Post Industrial Plastic

  • • #1 – 7 Plastics available