Processing recyclables to generate the greatest value can be much more than a simple baler. CHRC has the knowledge and financial resources to help select and financially support all facets of equipment from balers placed in commercial establishments all the way up to sophisticated processing systems required by today’s collection methods.

The collection of residential and commercially generated material has fundamentally changed. To achieve the most efficient and most economic solution is a complex analysis of a multitude of variables. In today’s environment generators want to divert as much material as possible from disposal which makes the stream of materials a greater challenge to process. More materials and a changing collection environment in conjunction with ebb and flow of commodity markets require a flexible and dependable processing system.

CH has the experience to help analyze the composition of the streams to be processed and what system will provide the most advantageous separation. Not all systems – the individual components and design – are alike. When making a substantial investment that will be in use for years we believe in selecting a system for the long-term with the right balance of capital cost versus production.

Let our team help you serve the best interests of your company, employees and capital structure. Together we will design and implement a financing arrangement that works within your budget and promotes your peace of mind.