The market for recyclables is truly global today. CHRC has the flexibility, market insight, and financial resources to act quickly and intelligently on behalf of our customers. We are actively selling various grades of secondary fiber and plastics to many of the world’s best paper mills and plastics companies daily. With our partner companies, Newport CH International and BA/CH Polymers, CHRC can provide direct markets into the extensive Asian and South American markets.

We are well positioned to market paper stock and plastics under all financial and technical conditions. We strive to provide continuity of supply and to satisfy the shipping and receiving schedules of both generators and consumers.

For our suppliers, we maintain direct marketing relationships with paper mills, extruders, compounders and injection molders which enables us to provide sellers with the benefits of competitive prices and direct communication with the consumer. Our strong financial position ensures prompt payment and the best terms under all circumstances.

For our consumers, a vast network of supply origins helps maintain a secure and diversified flow of material. CHRC strives to maintain the highest level of professional integrity. The company has earned a reputation for fair dealing through many years of consistent performance and meeting our commitments.

Our marketing portfolio includes all grades of post consumer and post industrial scrap paper and plastics as well as multiple types of roll stock and commodity-grade resins.

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