Whether it is continuity of supply or continuity of movement that you require, Canusa Hershman is buying & selling material every day and is well positioned to meet your needs. Our marketing portfolio includes all grades of post consumer and post industrial scrap paper as well as multiple types of roll stock and plastics commodities.

  • Old Corrugated Containers
  • Newspaper
  • Mixed Paper
  • Sorted White Ledger
  • Sorted Office Paper
  • Printer’s Waste
  • High Grades
  • Boxboard Cuttings
  • Reusable Corrugated Boxes
  • Rolls (for reuse or scrap)
  • Shrink Wrap & Plastics Film
  • Single Stream Material
  • Post Industrial Plastics

Material to BUY or SELL? Contact us today and let us be of service to you.