Marketing Services

Our Materials Marketing Group is in the market buying and selling every day and we will always have the market and the material that your company needs. Whether you’re looking for secondary fiber immediately, desire access to global markets or simply need equipment to improve the marketability
of your material, CHRC‘s Material Marketing team stands ready to deliver.
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Material Bought & Sold

Canusa Hershman is well positioned to market the complete range of recyclable fiber grades under all financial and technical conditions. Our marketing portfolio includes all grades of post consumer and post industrial scrap paper as well as multiple types of roll stock.
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Equipment Financing

Processing recyclables to generate the greatest value is the key to maximizing your recycling efforts. The addition of the proper recycling equipment improves both the quantity and quality of the recyclables to be marketed.

CHRC has the knowledge and financial resources available to help you select and financially support all of your equipment needs from balers placed in commercial establishments to sophisticated processing systems required by today’s collection methods.
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