The two companies that formed Canusa Hershman Recycling (CHRC) were an unusual and unlikely combination. Hershman Recycling was a family owned business that had its roots dating back to 1887 when Israel Hershman collected “junk” (rags, scrap metal and broken furniture) with a horse and wagon in New Haven, CT. The second half of the partnership, Canusa Corporation, was formed by Bruce Fleming after initially getting interested in the environment as a college student and starting a recycling program at Princeton University. He went on to write his senior thesis on making newsprint from recycled newspapers and the seeds of his career began to take root.

Fast forward to today’s climate and one would think these two images would clash. However for Canusa Hershman Recycling these divergent histories and backgrounds make for an unbeatable team of professionals.

With more than 145 years of experience in trading secondary recyclable products, CHRC is able to serve virtually every market in the world. The organization was created to maintain pace with the changing and consolidating forest products industry as well as to explore new markets for other commodities, including plastics.

CHRC and its partner companies now manage more than 200,000 tons per month of fiber and 16 million pounds per month of plastics. The company has fourteen offices and processing facilities across North America and can offer a wide range of services to generators and consumers of secondary recyclable materials.
We hope that you will put our resources, flexibility and market knowledge to work for your organization today.