CHRC has the knowledge and financial resources available to help you select and financially support all of your equipment needs from balers placed in commercial establishments to sophisticated processing systems required by today’s collection methods.

In today’s environment generators want to divert as much material as possible from disposal which makes the stream of materials a greater challenge to process. To achieve the most efficient and economic solution is a complex analysis of many variables. CH has the experience to help analyze the composition of the waste streams to be processed and recommend the solution that provides the most advantageous separation and the greatest economic return.

  • Bins & Toters
  • Carts & Gaylords
  • Balers & Baling Wire
  • Hoggers & Cutters
  • Sort Platforms & Conveyors
  • Screens & Optical Scanners
  • Single Stream Systems
  • Air Conveyance Systems
  • Shredders & Grinders

Let our team help you address your equipment needs. Whether it’s a $5,000 down stroke baler or a $5,000,000 single stream recycling system that you need, we will work together to design the best solution and implement a financing arrangement that works within your budget and promotes your peace of mind.

Contact us today and find out how we can help.